ESPN’s Mark Schlereth Rips Dez Bryant For Being ‘Unprofessional’ & ‘Selfish’ (Video)


Once again, Dez Bryant is at the center of a self inflicted controversy, and it had nothing to do with whether he caught a pass or not.

The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver was fined for skipping team meetings and missing a scheduled MRI on his injured right knee that he suffered during the game against the Chicago Bears in week 3. Reports now state that Bryant is expected to miss the Cowboys game against the 49ers on Sunday. As for the reason why he missed the meetings and MRI, Dez was reportedly scared of what the MRI results may reveal.

On Thursday, Bryant took to Twitter to apologize to his fans, stating he made a poor decision and he understands the consequences of his actions.  But one person is not buying that at all.

ESPN’s Mark Schlereth went on SportsCenter on Thursday and ripped Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys a new one after the newest controversy surrounding this team.

“At what point are you going to quit making excuses for bad behavior?” Schlereth said. “At what point, as an organization, are you going to quit enabling people to behave this way? That’s not — I mean, it’s not your passionate, and that’s what we heard Jason Garrett say. ‘Oh, it’s passion. He’s so passionate.’ No. That’s selfishness.

“You have 52 other guys on that roster who count on you. You’re one of the leaders of that football team. You got a bunch of young guys that are trying to learn how to be professionals. And as I always say, just because you play a pro sport, it doesn’t make you a professional. That’s as unprofessional as you can possibly be in Year Seven in your career.”

“You don’t have his phone number? You can’t go to his house and drag his lazy butt out of bed?” Schlereth continued. “I mean, at some point as an organization, I look at my organization and say, ‘You know what? The people who run this organization, they don’t practice what they preach.’ They talk about integrity. They talk about character. They talk about all these things they say that matter. But bottom line is, when somebody questions their authority, they cower in the corner like a child. That’s what this organization does.”

“… If something happens in my life, you know what, and it’s an emergency who I call, I call 911. If something happens in the life of the Dallas Cowboys, and you’re a star, you just circumvent the coach and the players and you just call 952, Jerry Jones’ extension. ‘Hey coach, Jerry, what do you mean you’re gonna fine me? It’s OK. We won’t do it. Go back to your business.’ And guess what? Nobody within the organization has any authority. They’ve all been emasculated. Nobody can say anything because the owner/general manager allows it to happen. And that’s why the Cowboys stink every year. That’s why the talent doesn’t match the record. Those are the things — they matter. Those things matter within the life span of an organization. And you know what? It’s dysfunctional is what it is.”

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