Conan and Kevin Hart HILARIOUSLY Tackle Some CrossFit (Video)


Kevin Hart, hot on the PR trail pushing his new standup movie “Kevin Hart: What Now?”, hit up Conan last night and the two decided to take a break from the usual “talking on a couch” convention to work out their minds, bodies and souls in a rousing CrossFit session.

Conan doesn’t seem like a huge CrossFit guy, nor does Hart for that matter.  But that only adds to the comedy of this visually hilarious duo, as they do all that dumb stuff we overhear people talking about in line for coffee.

As you would expect, the whole thing is hilarious. If the nine-minute runtime of the bit seems a little daunting, you can fast forward to about 3:45 and meet Conan’s awesome trainer, Ruben.

(It’s worth it.)

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