Hue Jackson on Josh Gordon: “We Need To Close That Chapter Right Now. He’s Not Going To Be With Us”

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

Just a few days before Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was set to be reinstated back into the league, he decided to put his career on hold again to enter rehab for his weed use.

If there was any doubt about whether he would suit up for the Browns again, head coach Hue Jackson basically ended any speculation about Gordon’s future with the team.

Less than 24 hours after Gordon announced he was checking into a rehab program, Jackson stated that any discussion about Gordon is off the table after today.

“I think what’s best for our football team is that we move on and move forward,” Jackson told reporters. “He’s not going to be with us”

“We wish him well … We need to close that chapter right now. We’re moving on,” Jackson added.

“I’m not going to answer any more questions about Josh Gordon. I’m done with it.”

It’s not clear at this point if Gordon will be released, but if you can remember, he also stated the same thing about Johnny Manziel earlier in the year and he of course got released. Only time will tell.

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