Ryder Cup Heckler Yells Out ‘Rory’s Short’ & ‘Rory’s So Tiny’ (Video)


Just 24 hours after inviting a heckler on the green to do his job, after being called out by him for missing consecutive putts (the guy drained it by the way), another heckler decided to throw some shots at Rory Mcllroy.

The powers that be at the Ryder Cup decided it was a good idea to put the 5’9″ Rory Mcllroy right in-between three guys that towered over him at like 6’3″ – 6’5″, and one heckler from the stands made sure to let Rory and everybody else know how short he was.

Rory could do nothing but give him a head-nod and a thumbs up.



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