49ers Players Complain There Were More Cowboys Fans In Levi’s Stadium Than Their Own

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers

This shouldn’t actually be a shock to most people because, whether you want to admit or not, the Dallas Cowboys have fans in every city in America and most of the time they will take over an opposing team’s stadium.

On Sunday, when the Cowboys visited the 49ers in Levi’s stadium, it was louder than usual as 49ers players kept hearing from the stands, ‘Let’s Go Cowboys!” It was so loud that it took over the broadcast, and even shouts of ‘Zeeeeeek’ were heard anytime Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott made a big play in the game.

Here’s a short clip of Cowboys fans at Levi’s stadium cheering:


49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks wasn’t feeling that at all after the game and spoke about it:


The Cowboys organization has created a huge following in the state of California, which is why they hold training camp there every year.  So don’t expect any of this to change anytime soon.

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