Jerry Jones Says ‘Only God Knows How Many Team Meetings Dez Bryant Has Missed’


Last week, often controversial Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was fined by the team after reports stated he missed numerous team meetings and a scheduled MRI for his knee that he injured during a game against the Chicago Bears.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter then stated his sources within the Cowboys locker room told him that Bryant has missed up to 40+ meetings and many MRI’s during the course of his career in Dallas.

Dez Bryant had denied all allegations, and on Monday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones came to the aid of his star wide receiver disputing reports of chronic missed meetings and appointments.

“No one knows his attendance record for meetings in his six-going-on-seven years that he’s been a Dallas Cowboy,” Jones said, via Jeremy Bergman of “He’s loved by his teammates, he’s respected by his teammates, he’s respected by me, he’s respected by his coaches. He has a few foibles, he’s different than me so we have to look at those but his qualities seriously outshine that.”

“Since the beginning of time, meetings and the timeliness of his meetings have been the No. 1 issue,” Jones added. “On the face of them, I would say these aren’t correct. Because only God knows one way or another how many of these meetings he’s missed.”

It’s safe to say that Jerry doesn’t care, one way or the other.

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