Jets Fans Deal With Loss By Choke Slamming Each Other Through Tables (Video)


It’s not easy being a New York Jets fan as the team has only seen the playoffs twice since 2006 and no playoff appearances for the last 6 years.

Beginning the 2016 NFL season at 1-3 is bad enough, especially with Patriots QB Tom Brady coming back from suspension, but Jets fans also had to deal with Ryan Fitzpatrick holding out this past offseason only to go on an interception tirade the past two weeks.

To deal with the pain of a having a horrible QB who loves throwing to the opposing team, Jets fans went outside MetLife Stadium and took a page from Bills Mafia by choke-slamming a fan through a table to let off some steam.


Things got a little rowdy after a rough game yesterday for the #jets #nyjets #jetsmafia #metlifestadium #tailgating #nysb #nfl @barstoolsports

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