Joe Theismann Believes Tony Romo Should Retire NOW (Video)


After coming off an injury filled 2015 season, things were looking up for Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo. That was until he played the Seattle Seahawks in the preseason and got injured again.

Washington Redskins legendary QB Joe Theismann knows a thing or two about career ending injuries after suffering a gruesome leg injury at the hands of Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor. Theismann stated on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown that he believes Tony Romo needs to retire immediately and he said he told him that a few weeks ago.

 “When I saw him play in Seattle, I saw a guy in harm’s way. When you can’t protect yourself at that position, that concerns me. He’s going to get hit. He’s going to go to the ground. He’s going to hit that shoulder. You don’t know what that next element is. I’m worried about Tony the man.”


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