Man Recounts Vicious Encounter with Grizzly Bear (Pics + Video)


Todd Orr, a 50-year-old Bozeman, Montana resident, was mauled by a bear twice.  And before even seeking medical attention, he took to Facebook to show the world how dangerous these animals can be.

He went for a hike down one of his regular trails and gave ocassional shouts to warn bears of his presence and keep them away, but…it didn’t work. A mama bear with her cubs charged at him from about 80 feet away.

He said in a post to Facebook:

“I went to my face in the dirt and wrapped my arms around the back of my neck for protection. She was on top of me biting my arms, shoulders and backpack. The force of each bite was like a sledge hammer with teeth. She would stop for a few seconds and then bite again. Over and over. After a couple minutes, but what seemed an eternity, she disappeared.”

Here’s the video he posted:

He drove himself to the emergency room, 17 miles away, where he checked himself in. He had a chip facture in his arm, a five-inch gash over his head, and several other smaller cuts all over his body.


Here’s the post in full. It’s definitely worth a read:

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