Ravens Fan Hospitalized & Fighting For Life After Being Attacked By Raiders Fans


Here we go again.

Scenes such as this one seem to play out multiple times every year when opposing fan bases are put into one stadium and the combination of alcohol and team affiliations begin to cloud people’s judgement. On Sunday, a Baltimore Ravens fan’s life was changed forever after a verbal argument with two Oakland Raiders fans turned violent.  And now he is fighting for his life.

Via the BaltimoreSun:

“A Jessup man was taken to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center with a serious head injury Sunday night after an altercation at M&T Bank Stadium with two Oakland Raiders fans, who were arrested, Baltimore police said.

Susan Bauer identified the injured man as her brother, Joseph Bauer, 55. She said he was attending the game with his wife and another couple when he got into a verbal argument with a group of Raiders fans near a concession stand toward the end of the game.

Susan Bauer said her brother’s head hit the concrete after he was struck, knocking him unconscious and causing a serious head injury. She said he was in critical condition with a subdural hematoma, which causes blood to pool on the brain. Bauer said doctors had told the family he had a 30 percent chance of survival.

“My brother is in critical condition on life support over a football game,” said Susan Bauer, who also lives in Jessup. “We’re in shock over this.”

“You just don’t expect that you would go to a football game and someone would put you in intensive care,” Bauer said. “I just can’t even believe it’s happening.”

Scott Smith, 28, of Mt. Vernon, N.Y., and Andrew Nappi, 31, of Eastchester, N.Y. were both arrested for assault.

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