Ric Flair Claims He Got Down with Halle Berry After Her David Justice Divorce (Audio)


Well, well, well…

This isn’t how you expect to start a Monday in 2016. Noted wrestler Ric Flair was hosting his show when the subject of celebrity riders of “space mountain” (his nickname for his wiener) came up, and he was VERY quick to say that several dozen celebs had gotten the Ric Flair treatment.

When asked to name names, Flair was only too happy to oblige:

Conrad Thompson: Any celebrity riders of Space Mountain?
Ric Flair: Several dozen.
Thompson: Are we going to get any names?
Flair: Do you want me to start with Halle Berry?
Thompson: Oh! Halle Berry rode Space Mountain?
Flair: (Laughs) Of course she did. She was in Atlanta and she had just gotten divorced from Dave Justice.
Thomson: Wait, are you telling a real story right now?
Flair: Would I have to make up a lie?

So there you have it. If that didn’t wake you up and get you going, then perhaps the audio will:

Please, no one reach out to Halle Berry to learn if this is true.

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