Cam Newton Allegedly Trashed a Beverly Hills Mansion He Rented After the Super Bowl


Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton allegedly trashed a Beverly Hills mansion he rented after the Super Bowl. Now he’s being sued by Stacy Keibler‘s husband, Jared Probe, who manages the luxury home rental company that owns the $11 million pad.

According to TMZ, Newton paid $123,000 to rent a luxury home in Beverly Hills for 61 days back in March, agreeing that there would be no parties, no smoking, and no more than eight guests. However, Cam was ratted out by the housekeeper, who told the rental company Cam had thrown a number of ragers, and that cigarette ashes had been left all over the house.

The company says they contacted Cam and told him to cut it out. Nevertheless, when he moved out there was $90,324.47 in damage, including a broken fridge, water damage to the floors, ruined linens (gross), and a destroyed $32,000 rug.

That’s right. A $32,000 rug. F#&%ing rich people.

Of course, Probe isn’t just suing for the $90,000. Since repairs supposedly took over two months, he’s also suing for an additional $180,000 in lost rental income, bringing the grand total up to $270,324.47.

Did Cam really trash the mansion? Who knows. But it would be pretty strange for a luxury rental company to try to shake down a multi-millionaire for a measly $270,000. So I’m guessing something went down in that mansion, and that after a while Cam will pay up and chalk the whole thing up to a “misunderstanding.”

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