Clemson Fan with Cerebral Palsy Pulls Himself Up Out of Wheelchair During Thrilling Win Over Louisville (Pic)


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How good was Saturday night’s Clemson-Louisville game? So good that a 16-year-old kid with cerebral palsy who can’t stand without assistance actually pulled himself up and out of his wheelchair in excitement.

For those who didn’t catch the game, you missed an all-time classic. Clemson jumped out to a 28-10 halftime lead. But Louisville stormed back in the third quarter to get within two points, then took a 36-28 lead midway through the fourth quarter. Clemson wasn’t done, though. They scored two touchdowns in a span of four minutes to take a 42-36 lead with just over three minutes remaining. Then, on the final play of the game, they somehow found a way to stop Louisville QB Lamar Jackson—who had racked up 457 total yards—just three yards shy of the goal line and one yard shy of a first down.

Logan Wires, a huge Clemson fan who was born with CP affecting his legs, hands, and core, was at Death Valley on Saturday with his father and brother. According to a moving Facebook post by his father, at one point the game was so exciting that Logan pulled himself out of his wheelchair so he could stand and cheer for his team like every other orange-clad fan in attendance.

Take a look:

Every Clemson fan at Memorial Stadium is going to remember that game for the rest of their lives. But for the Wires family the memory will be even sweeter.

This is why we love sports, isn’t it?

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