Cyclist SMASHES His Bike in Half After Being DQ’d From a Race (Video)


I would imagine that being booted from a race, as this guy was, is pretty frustrating. In golf or tennis, if you get angry, you smash your racquet or club and move on with your life/game.

In cycling? Do they smash their bikes? Well, that’s closer to slamming a NASCAR into a wall because you got second in a race.

Nonetheless, that’s what this guy did. Well, not the “drive a NASCAR into a wall” thing, but he did slam his bike to the ground in frustration, snapping it in half.

It’s pretty cool:

His bike was already damaged during the crash that led to his disqualification, so it was a lost cause. In case you were wondering…

The best part? The bike apparently didn’t even belong to him, but to his friend.

Dude. Don’t do that to your friend’s stuff.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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