Drew Brees Gives a Passionate Speech During Saints’ Pregame Huddle (Video)


Normally, as QBs get a bit older, they tend to lead in a more quiet fashion, opting to keep an even keel and leaving the pump-up speeches to other younger players.

Not Drew Brees.

The Saints QB got his team fired up during the pregame huddle on Sunday, yelling about gratitude and how lucky he was to be right there, standing on a field surrounded by his guys.

It’s hard to convey without sounding a little cheesy, so just check out the video. Brees has been around long enough that he makes it work:

Of course, this was Brees’ return to San Diego to take on his former team, the Chargers, so tensions were high. And the speech seemed to pay off, as the Saints won, 35-34.

I think the speech made the difference.

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