Florida Youth League Player Makes Outstanding Juggling Catch (Video)


I don’t know if you keep up with the receiving highlights in the Florida Youth Leagues (of course you do), but you should because Jaden Wilson made a play this week that will have your jaw on the floor.

Running downfield after a flea flicker, Jaden caught the ball…then bobbled it…then caught the ball…then bobbled it…then caught the bobbled…then bobbled it…then caught the ball and ran downfield.

Here’s the clip:

I would assume in the youth leagues that if your knee is down, the play’s over, but since he didn’t have possession while his knee was down, he gets to keep on truckin’ into the end zone.

Is it more impressive than a strong traditional catch? Nah. But it’s a lot more fun.

Hat Tip – [FoxSports]

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