Giants Tight End Larry Donnell Suffers Concussion on Devestating Hit by Vikings’ Albert Barr (Video)


There are a lot of ways to explain how good the Minnesota Vikings defense is.

You could talk about how they’ve only allowed 50 total points through four games, which is the second-best per game total. You could talk about how the last three offenses they’ve shut down were run by Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, and Eli Manning, who have three Super Bowl MVP awards and one regular season MVP award between them. You could talk about how they’re second in the league with six interceptions, or how they’re tied for first with five fumble takeaways.

But you don’t need to talk about those things. If you really want to understand why the Vikings’ defense is so good, all you really need to do is watch this hit.

On Monday night the Vikings pounded the Giants 24-10. Early in the second quarter, Giants tight end Larry Donnell was blocking for running back Orleans Darkwa when Vikings linebacker Albert Barr charged the gap and ran him over like a Mack truck. The helmet-to-helmet collision left Donnell dazed, and he bounced off his teammates like a pinball before the play ended and he made his way to the bench.

The Giants later announced that Donnell had a concussion and would not return, which was hardly a surprise.

Take a look:

That, in a nutshell, is what the Vikings defense is doing to opposing offenses this year. Their game against the Eagles on October 23 is going to be a must-see.

Who would have thought we’d be saying that back in August?

Hat Tip – [New York Post]

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