Mic’d Up: Ziggy Hood Admits to Josh Norman Mid-game That He Ate His Lifesavers (Video)


When NFL players are mic’d up during a game, it can sometimes be hilarious to hear what these professional players are talking about during the heat of battle.

While playing against the Cleveland Browns during week 4, Washington Redskins defensive end Ziggy Hood walks over to cornerback Josh Norman and admits that he was the one that ate his lifesavers and he would pay him back.


In our Week 4 #InsideTheNFL #WireOfTheWeek – Josh Norman & Ziggy Hood have a very serious conversation during their Wk 4 match up against the Cleveland Browns. #JoshNorman #ZiggyHood #WashingtonRedskins #NFLFilms #Showtime #NFL #Football #lifesavers

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