HS football Team Forfeits Upcoming Game; Refuses To Play Team That Scored 170 points in 3 Games

Archbishop Murphy High School (Everett, Washington) will not be gearing up for battle for the third straight week.  That’s because yet another high school football squad has elected to forfeit their game against them after watching them destroy their first 3 opponents by a combined score of 170-3.
On Tuesday night, Granite Falls High School made the decision to forfeit the game, citing concerns about player safety as Archbishop is a much larger team.

“AMHS scored 170 points against its first three opponents of the season. The next two teams also forfeited their games, records show. Granite Falls becomes the third.

“[The team is] looking at the differences in size and how big these kids are. They have a great team. They have a tremendous team,” said Joey Johnson, athletic director and assistant principal at GFHS. “It’s really kind of a lose-lose situation for both people. They haven’t had a game in two weeks. In all best scenarios, we would play the game.”

Granite Falls is a public school in the same athletic conference as Archbishop Murphy, a private, Catholic school. AMHS draws students and players from a much larger geographic region, Johnson said.

“It’s not only a state problem, it’s a national problem, too. What do you do with schools that seem to draw these elite athletes?” Johnson said. “It’s a situation where we made the decision based on the health and welfare of our kids. That’s really what it comes to. That’s our first priority.”

Late Wednesday, AMHS canceled practice and instead held a press conference, with the football coach calling the latest forfeit “very frustrating.”

The forfeit will show up as a loss on Granite Falls’ record and a win for Archbishop Murphy, said Jason Frederick, Cedarcrest High School Athletic Director and Cascade Conference League President.

“This is not a public school/private school issue. This is a have and have not issue,” Frederick wrote in an email, when asked if there have been discussions about changing the league dynamics. “Throughout the state in different sports there are schools that have overwhelming talent compared to other schools and it can happen in both private schools and public schools.”

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