Jeff Van Gundy Suggests NBA Adopt Zero-Tolerance Domestic Violence Policy

Jeff Van Gundy domestic violence

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Under the NBA’s current collective bargaining agreement, the minimum penalty for a player convicted of a violent felony is a 10-game suspension. If ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy had his way, the minimum penalty would be much more severe.

“My one suggestion going forward is, any felony committed against a woman should be a full-season suspension,” Van Gundy said on Tuesday. “And on the second one, you’re gone.”

Van Gundy’s comments came during ESPN’s broadcast of a preseason game between the Houston Rockets and New York Knicks. When his broadcast partner Mark Jones mentioned that Knicks guard Derrick Rose was going to Los Angeles immediately after the game to tend to his ongoing rape lawsuit, Van Gundy used the opportunity to discuss the epidemic of violence against women—and specifically the news that Sacramento Kings guard Darren Collison had been suspended eight games after pleading guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence.

Here’s a transcript of the entire discussion:


Van Gundy very clearly indicated that he was not necessarily talking about Rose. But just to be perfectly clear, Rose has not actually been charged with a crime. He is currently the subject of a civil lawsuit alleging that he took part in a gang rape.

Collison, on the other hand, was originally charge with felony domestic violence after beating up his girlfriend. However, he pled down to a misdemeanor and will probably not even serve the entire 20-day jail sentence he was given.

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