Johnny Manziel Accused of Trashing L.A. Mansion, Which, Yeah, That Sounds About Right


Former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel has been accused of trashing a famous home in the Hollywood Hills. For all we know the accusation could be totally unwarranted. But, you know, that does sound like something a guy who partied himself out of the NFL might do.

The claim comes from Hollywood real estate magnate Danny Fitzgerald. He says he rented his famous Weidlake mansion out to a guy named Bryan Chase, only to learn later that Johnny “Used To Play” Football and his buddy OVO Ryan moved in too. The three of them then proceeded to throw a bunch of ragers that resulted in multiple visits from the cops and $180,000 in damage.

The property, which has been featured in numerous television shows and rented out to tons of big name celebs, goes for $25,000 a month. Manziel tells TMZ he never rented a house in the Hills, and that Fitzgerald is upset with a friend of his and is just trying to drag him into it. But Fitzgerald says Manziel paid the rent and utilities with personal checks.

Now Fitgerald claims the October rent is past due. So he sent Chase, Manziel, and OVO Ryan (real name Ryan Silverstein) a pay or get out notice.

Again, at this point we have no proof that Manziel was living at the mansion, or that he had a hand in trashing it. But if his name was indeed on the checks, that would make him liable.

Funny how these legal issues just keep popping up for this guy, isn’t it?

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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