Lou Williams Gets Philosophical About the Power of Sneaker Logos in New Instagram Post (Pic)


Nowhere is the psychological power of branding more evident than the sneaker industry. Brands like Nike and Jordan have people sleeping outside on the street ahead of major releases. Brands like Adidas and Under Armour make people shrug.

Are all Nikes and Jordans aesthetically superior to Adidas and Under Armours? Absolutely not. But they are cooler. And that intangible perception overrides everything else.

Lou Williams understands this.

The Los Angeles Lakers guard and former NBA Sixth Man of the Year posted a pretty interesting photo on Instagram on Tuesday. It shows Warriors sharpshooter Klay Thompson debuting his signature sneaker, the ANTA KT1. However, the ANTA logo had been replaced with the Under Armour logo, the Jordan logo, the Nike logo, and the Champion logo.

Take a look:

Nothing to do with Klay but this post has a lot of truth in it

A photo posted by Lou Williams (@louwillville) on

Seeing as how each image features the same shoe with different logos, you shouldn’t really prefer one to any of the others. But be honest. You do have a preference, don’t you?

ANTA, obviously, is not a major player in the North American sneaker game. However, the Chinese firm offered Thompson three times more than any other brand was offering him at the time. So he signed the deal. And frankly, the shoes look pretty great.

Nevertheless, when Thompson first saw the KT1, everybody on the internet noted how he did not look thrilled with the end result.

As Williams suggests, if the exact same shoe had a Swoosh or a Jumpman, everybody would have loved them. But they didn’t, so everybody made fun of them.

Of course, Lou Williams has a vested economic interest in pointing out the absurdity of brand power. Like Klay Thompson, he too has a shoe deal with a little known Chinese company called Peak.

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