Odell Beckham Shook Every Single Soldier’s Hand After National Anthem (Video)

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys

New York Giant’s wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has become more known for on-field antics than his extraordinary abilities and talent ever since his emotional outburst last December against the Carolina Panthers.

It got that much worse on Monday Night against the Minnesota Vikings when he had another temper tantrum that resulted in him bumping the ref and receiving an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Not to mention, he was held to three catches for a career low 23 yards.

There was a moment before the game that the media failed to show…

Following the National Anthem, sung by JoJo at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota, Beckham stayed behind and shook the hand of every single military service member who was a part of the on-field performance.

When asked on it, Beckham told Sporting News, “The line was a little long. I didn’t know. I got halfway through it and I had to ask one of them, ‘How many is y’all?’ He said, ‘There’s a lot of us.’ I said, ‘Well, I really appreciate what y’all do.’”

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