Bill Belichick Finds Awesome Way to Keep Media Away from Tom Brady

Divisional Round - Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots

As you could imagine, both the Boston and national media are likely falling all over each other, trying to get access to Tom Brady since he returned to the Patriots as of midnight on Sunday. However, the star QB has a lot of catching up to do and a lot to focus on, so he could use some time out of the spotlight to focus on leading his team to victory.

Bill Belichick, being the diabolical genius that he is, realizes this, and has found a way to keep Brady away from any obligations to speaking with the press.

How, you ask?  Simple. He hasn’t put him on the roster yet.

In fact, he probably won’t until Saturday, when the team travels to Cleveland, That will keep the press off his back until after the game, and will no doubt upset reporters.  But upsetting reporters is pretty much what Bill does best, isn’t it?

Via Yahoo:

Brady currently isn’t on the roster yet, as the league has granted them an exemption — the Patriots don’t have to add him (or Rob Ninkovich, who also was suspended) officially until Saturday. There’s no media access that day as the Patriots will be traveling to Cleveland.

So who will be filling in for the standard Wednesday QB press conference?

Gronk, of course!

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