62 percent of Ohio Voters Believe The Buckeyes Would Beat The Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns

Last season marked the 13th straight year that the Cleveland Browns didn’t qualify for the playoffs.  During that span, the team only has one winning season. Since the franchise returned to Cleveland back in 1999, the team has a total of two winning seasons.  It’s epic failure after epic failure every single year.

Back in March of 2016, 57% of Ohioans believed that the Ohio State Buckeyes could beat the Cleveland Browns, and only 23% thought otherwise.

Fast forward to October, with the Browns sitting at 0-4 on the season and the number of people who believe the Buckeyes could beat the Browns has increased to 62%, according to Public Policy Polling.

“-Urban Meyer might be the next most popular person in the state, with 55% of voters seeing him favorably to 7% who have a negative opinion of him. He has another thing going for him too- 62% of voters in the state think Ohio State would win a football game against the Cleveland Browns, to only 23% who think the NFL team would prevail.”

“-As bad as the Browns might be they’re still the state’s NFL team of choice, beating out the Bengals 43/29. That’s consistent with the state’s general preference for the Cleveland sports teams- the Indians beat out the Reds 44/34.”

While most believe the Buckeyes would beat the Browns, at least the Browns are popular, so there’s that. Silver linings.

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