Dad Makes Daughter Her Very Own ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Course in Their Backyard (Video)


Lylah might only be five years old, but the American Ninja Courses are HARD, so she might as well start training now, right?

Her dad sure thinks so. The dad, Gavin McCall, built his daughter her very own training course in the family’s backyard after he realized how big a fan of the show she really was.

Speaking to USA Today, McCall said about his daughter’s obsession, “The day she turned the green chair around and climbed over it was the birth of the first (Ninja Warrior-inspired) course.” And Lylah isn’t the only one enjoying daddy’s new creation.  McCall says that creating new courses for Lylah “is fun for me, too.”

He says she loves to climb “the parking cement ‘thingies’,” which is actually a pretty good description of the obstacle in question. 

Here’s the course. It’s awesome.

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