Dwyane Wade: ‘Not Possible For LeBron to Surpass Jordan’s Legacy, He Can Only Match It’

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Back in August, Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James was asked by one of his campers what keeps him motivated to keep striving for greatness.  LeBron stated it was the ghost he was chasing that used to play in Chicago, Michael Jordan.

Former Miami Heat teammate and current Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade thinks no matter what he does, LeBron can’t surpass what Jordan did.

While speaking with ESPN’s Nick Friedell, Wade had this to say:

“No, it’s not possible,” Wade told ESPN’s Nick Friedell with a laugh when asked if anyone could surpass Michael Jordan as the greatest player in NBA history. “It’s not possible. …

“The only thing you can do is tie it. There’s no 19th hole.”

“I think last year – not only in my eyes, but in a lot of people’s eyes – really put him … he’s on the 15th hole right now,” Wade said of James. “And he’s on his way, for sure.”

“You can’t go past it,” Wade added of Jordan’s legacy. “How can you? That’s as great as it gets, man. The only thing you can do, like I said, is be A-1, A-B. There’s no way higher.”

Wade’s golf analogy stemmed from a 2012 interview when he was asked this same question while playing alongside LeBron James at the time.

“I don’t know if [James] has the ability to surpass him or not,” Wade said at the time. “That’s yet to be seen. My version as LeBron being on par with Michael is this: They’re both on the golf course. Michael’s on the 18th hole; LeBron is somewhere on like the fourth hole. He’s got a long way to go, but he’s on par to get to the 18th hole.

“I think everyone knows that [James] is a phenomenal, phenomenal player. He’s one that we haven’t seen, with the makeup of a 6-8 guy who runs as fast as any point guard, jumps as high as any center, and has the ability that he has to do so many things. But Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time, that’s who everyone shoots for. So it’s going to be hard to surpass that.”

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