ESPN Released the Trailer for the John Daly 30 for 30, and It’s Everything We Hoped It Would Be (Video)


When ESPN first announced they were making a 30 for 30 documentary about John Daly, the internet was like, oh hell yes. And rightfully so.

John Daly has been one of the most colorful, enigmatic, and entertaining golfers on the planet for a quarter century. Whether he’s smashing drives off the tee in Sponge Bob Square Pants pants, crooning classic tunes at some fundraising gala, hitting golf balls out of people’s mouths, pulling a Tin Cup at the Australian Open, selling memorabilia out of his RV in a Hooters parking lot, or doing shirtless television interviews…

…Daly never fails to live up to his legend. Who wouldn’t want to watch a documentary about this guy?

Now, at long last, we have an air date for the John Daly 30 for 30. It’s Tuesday, November 1, at 8 p.m. ET. And on Wednesday ESPN dropped a trailer that confirms the program will be just as awesome as we’d imagined.

Take a look:

Call your friends. You’ve got a little less than four weeks to come up with a John Daly 30 for 30 drinking game.

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