NFL Will Fine Teams Up To $100K For Posting Videos & Gifs During Games


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The no fun league just got that much worse.

According to a mashable report, the league office sent out a memo to all 32 teams this week telling them they will get fined for posting any unapproved video or gif during a game. Basically, if the Patriots post a video of Tom Brady throwing a TD on Sunday after his deflategate suspension, $25,000 fine. Pats later show a gif of Brady awkwardly missing a high five, $50,000 fine. Disrespect Roger Goodell for a third time, $100,000 fine.

“There’s more, too. On a subsequent conference call with public relations, marketing, social media and digital personnel from all 32 teams to go over the new rules, the league deemed video to be “anything that moves,” according to a source from one franchise who was on the call.
That includes GIFs from previous games of players celebrating, or even pop culture GIFs such as tangentially relevant quotes from Seinfeld or other TV shows. So, for now at least, even moving images of Harambe are off limits during games (let’s pour a little out for him yet again).
That conference call was Tuesday, and the memo states the policy goes into effect on Oct. 12.
Sources from two teams said they feel the new policy is meant to limit the creativity of what teams can do online during games in order to drive attention and eyeballs to official NFL accounts, as opposed to social accounts operated by franchises.
On Twitter, for example, the memo says “video may not be posted from kickoff until 60 minutes after the conclusion of the game” by teams. The exception is “club ‘re-posts’ of League video.”
The league also told teams the new guidelines are “not to be distributed externally to any third parties, including, but not limited to, our social media partners,” according to an email obtained byMashable. So: Don’t post original video, and don’t tell reps from Facebook or Twitter why our game-day strategy has changed.”
Through 4 weeks, NFL ratings are down 10% on major networks, so the league front office must be in full panic mode right now.

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