Noah Syndergaard Pitched His A** Off, Lost the Wild Card Game, Then Put Up This Tweet

Wild Card Game - San Francisco Giants v New York Mets

While the addition of Wild Card games to the baseball playoffs might be a much-needed injection of excitement for casual and die-hard baseball fans, it’s a little rough on players to see one quick game decide the fate of their 162-game regular season.

For Noah Syndergaard, that meant pitching a lights-out game at home, only to see his team’s reliever, Jeurys Familia, come into the game to give up a three-run homer in the top of the ninth that would sink the Mets shortly thereafter.

How did Noah respond?

With this tweet, which was a wonderful combination of honesty, heartbreak, and a little bit more heartbreak:

I hope he doesn’t spend the entire offseason with a broken heart, wondering what went wrong. That would be pretty awful.

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