Patriots TE Martellus Bennett: Roger Goodell ‘Looks Like a Pringles Guy.’


New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett is one of those few players in the league who says exactly what’s on his mind, consequences be damned. With the return of star quarterback Tom Brady on the horizon, Bennett hopes his teammates are all playing with a chip on their shoulders—as long as those chips aren’t Pringles.

On Thursday, Bennett stated he didn’t think any of the players needed extra motivation from the ”Deflategate” suspension that ultimately cost them quarterback Tom Brady for four games. While it didn’t hurt them record-wise, as they won 3 of 4 games, it did hurt the remaining two QB’s on their roster as the Pats got thumped by the Buffalo Bills last week.

‘”Comparing the motivational ”chips” to the ones made from potatoes, Bennett said some guys work harder after being cut earlier in their careers, while others might have been traded or skipped in the draft.

”It’s like Lay’s, I guess,” Bennett said. ”You might be a barbecue guy. I might be a sour cream and onion guy. But as long as you have your chip, that’s what gets you through the game.”

Bennett said he didn’t think the team would try to prove something to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

”No. Goodell looks like a Pringles guy,” the tight end said. ”I don’t consider those chips.””

Pretty disrespectful response towards Pringles. What did they ever do to him?

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