Will Compton Trolls Browns Fans Over Controversial Fumble Call (Tweet)


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Cleveland Browns fans are still not over a controversial fumble ruling that did not go their way on Sunday. So Washington linebacker Will Compton is still trolling them.

The call in question came in the fourth quarter, with Cleveland trailing 24-20. Running back Duke Johnson ran the ball to the left side of the field, where he supposedly fumbled the ball. Then, despite the fact that Johnson popped right up with the ball in his hands, the referees ruled that Washington had somehow recovered the fumble and gained possession.

On Monday, Will Compton chimed in on Twitter claiming that he had recovered the football.

Compton’s assertion was false. Anybody who watched the video saw he did not have the ball. But that wasn’t the point. The point was to bait Cleveland fans.


And when they took that bait, Compton was ready:

Seriously, Cleveland, just leave it alone. Accept the fact that the Browns are cursed and get on with your lives.

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