Derrick Rose Was Two Hours Late for the Start of His Rape Trial


After playing in the Knicks’ preseason game against the Rockets in Houston on Wednesday night, Derrick Rose flew to Los Angeles for the start of his civil rape trial. Unfortunately, for some reason, he did not show up on time.

According to TMZ, Rose pulled up to the Los Angeles courthouse in a black SUV two hours late. When he saw reporters standing out front waiting for him, the SUV pulled around the side to another entrance that had fewer reporters. When he finally walked into the court room, his accuser was already on the stand, weeping as she told her side the of story.

Once present and seated, Rose reportedly made no eye contact with his accuser. Instead, he sat quietly and stared either down at his hands or off in the distance.

Here is a sample of the courtroom sketches from Thursday’s proceedings:


Rose and two friends are accused of gang raping the woman in her Los Angeles apartment in August 2013. They have not been charged with anything yet, as the rape was not reported until two years later. However, police are investigating. The accuser is seeking $21 million in the civil case that began this week.

More to come.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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