GROSS! Jared Cook Finds a Fried Chicken Head in His Chicken Wings (Pic)


This is way more disturbing than it should be. Possibly because there’s an NFL player making NFL money who’s eating at Buffalo Wild Wings, but also because the chain allegedly served Packers tight end Jared Cook a fried chicken head with his wings.

It’s all his word at this point, but there’s no real reason to make this up.  And it’s not like he carries around stunt chicken heads for just this reason…I hope.

Here’s the pic. I won’t have too much to say afterwards because it’s making me gag. But Cook’s out four to six weeks with a severely sprained ankle, so he’ll have plenty of time to think about this disgusting scenario over and over, until football can take his mind off this abomination.

Here ya go. You asked for it:

Hopefully we didn’t just ruin a meal for you.

Hat Tip – [TheScore]

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