Watch Larry the Cable Guy Snap an Army Vet’s Arm in Half During an Arm Wrestling Match (Video)


Larry the Cable Guy snapped an army vet’s arm in half at the Nebraska game last weekend. Yes, that Larry the Cable Guy.

He didn’t get into a fight or anything. It was an accident. Mr. The Cable Guy was watching the Huskers play Illinois from the comfort of a Memorial Stadium luxury box when the vet, whose name is John, challenged him to an arm wrestling match. Larry was like, “whoooa boy doggy yeeah doggy suuuure buuddy les geeetturrdunn!” So the two then sat down at a table, and a cute kid came over to serve as the referee, and then Larry just about broke the guy’s arm right off.

Did I mention the army guy’s arms were jacked? Because they were.

Normally this is where I’d be all, “take a look at the video!” But I am not going to say that here. Bones make terrible sounds when you break them in half. Watch, don’t watch. I’ll leave the video right here and let you decide.

For those of you who did watch, did you see the look on Larry’s face? He was just as shocked he could break a guy’s arm in half as we were.

According to TMZ, John broke his humerus and had to have surgery to put a plate in his arm. Apparently he’ll be just fine.


Still, this is not the first time we’ve seen something like this happen. You might want to think twice the next time one of your buddies wants to arm wrestle at the bar.

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