New Zealand Rugby Star Apologizes for Having Sex in Airport Bathroom (Video)


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New Zealand rugby star Aaron Smith has apologized for shagging in an airport bathroom last month.

Multiple witnesses say they saw Smith and an attractive, put-together woman in her early 20s enter an accessible bathroom together at Christchurch International Airport in New Zealand on September 18, when the team was on its way to South Africa for a match. One couple, who was there waiting to use the washroom with their kid, said it was pretty obvious what was going on because there was some “rhythmic tapping.” They then saw the two leave the bathroom—Smith first, followed by the woman about 30 seconds later.

Now, at this point some of you might be thinking, well, he really shouldn’t have done that, but it is kind of awesome. Here’s the thing, though. Aaron Smith has a girlfriend. And she was not the woman he nailed in the airport bathroom.

Since Smith is one of the best rugby players in the most rugby-loving country on earth, word of the incident spread pretty quickly and is now a pretty huge scandal. The national team suspended him for one game, and the Prime Minister of New Zealand weighed in and said Smith “embarrassed himself.”

Now Smith has issued an official apology.

“I’ve made a huge mistake. A huge error in judgment,” a visibly nervous Smith told New Zealand’s Radio Sport. “I’d personally like to say a huge sorry to my partner Teagan, her family, my family. I’m also sorry to my teammates and the New Zealand fans.”

Take a look:

I know this is going to be difficult, Aaron, but the next time a woman asks if you want to bang in a public rest room, you really need to say no thank you.

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