Accuser’s Texts Show Her Money Issues Being The Reason She Had to Sue Derrick Rose


Derrick Rose’s lawyers have requested a mistrial on the $21 million civil rape case against the New York Knicks’ Derrick Rose after it was revealed she purposely hid text messages that weren’t available to the defense.

In the meantime, the defense is trying to paint the unnamed woman as a gold digger who is only suing to get easy money because of her financial situation, and her text messages make it so much easier to do so.

“Lawyers for Rose also presented text messages from the woman to a friend at a time when she was unemployed.”


“I need a very wealthy man. We should go find one,” stated one text read by defense lawyer Mark Baute.

The woman also sent a text to a roommate saying that since she had filed suit, they would return their TV and upgrade to a plasma screen, Baute said.

The unnamed woman’s roommate unveiled texts showing that she wanted plastic surgery once the Rose case was settled.

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