Jay Glazer is Attempting to Block All of Greg Hardy’s Avenues into MMA


Back in late September, former Dallas Cowboys DE Greg Hardy was arrested for possession of cocaine following a late-night traffic stop in Texas.  He blamed it on someone slipping the coke into his wallet as he passed it around to buy drinks for people at a bar.

With his NFL career on hold—or possibly over—it was reported that Hardy had been training for a few months to possibly start a future MMA career.

NFL analyst and longtime MMA fan Jay Glazer is not a fan of woman-abusers and he certainly isn’t a fan of Hardy’s attempt to take his woman-beating talents to another sport he loves to watch.

On Tuesday, Glazer took to Twitter to send a message to the people he knows in hopes that they won’t teach Hardy a single thing that’ll further his potential career in MMA:


The entire tweet reads as follows:

“I would be incredibly disappointed in any of my fellow MMA coaches and any promoters if they took Greg Hardy in and taught him a shred of our incredible sport. Many of us train women in self defense specifically to help protect vs domestic violence. Me and all my coaches at (Glazer’s gym) Unbreakable do and take great pride in that. Competing in any sport is a privilege, Greg Hardy should not be granted the privilege. There are many beautiful arts taught in our sport, none of which should be afforded to him.”


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