Chargers Kicker Josh Lambo Seen Laughing it Up After Loss (Video)

San Diego Chargers v Denver Broncos

After the Chargers missed a game-tying field goal due to a bad snap, the cameras caught second-year kicker Josh Lambo laughing it up on his way off the field, chatting with opposing Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski.

Of course, Charger fans weren’t thrilled about this development. Even if the botched field goal wasn’t his fault (it wasn’t), they’d like him to take a little more responsibility for the loss.

Is it absolutely pathetic?

Nah. That sounds like an angry fan talking. But coach Mike McCoy offered up his thoughts on the way it looked, saying:

“Everybody on your team is looking at you and looking at everything you do at all times. When a teammate sees you in a situation like this and you get caught laughing it up, people take it differently. Everybody is different. Some players will look at it and say, ‘It’s not a big deal.’ Other players, it pisses you off. You were involved in a critical play in the game, and it wasn’t executed properly, and we lost. Just understand what it means.

Lambo has apparently spoken with players and apologized to teammates, so he’s beginning to understand.

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