Judge Seriously Considering Mistrial After Rose’s Rape Accuser Withheld Evidence


It was reported on Friday that Derrick Rose’s lawyers were pursuing a mistrial after it was revealed that his accuser lied and purposely withheld evidence from the defense—that evidence being text messages showing the accuser was upset that Rose didn’t have sex with her friend that she brought along during the night of the alleged rape.

“The judge in the Derrick Rose rape trial just warned that he may declare a mistrial in the case — over allegations the accuser’s team did NOT turn over text messages that could help the NBA star.

The judge just ripped the accuser’s attorney in court — demanding the accuser prove she made an effort to turn over ALL of the text messages that were relevant to the case.

Rose’s lawyer claims she purposefully withheld certain texts that may prove the sex in question was consensual … and not rape.

The judge warned the accuser, “This is not a trivial matter” — and has ordered the accuser’s team to provide proof the texts were made available to Rose’s team.

However, the judge says he would rather not declare a mistrial because it would likely mean the case would restart in the middle of the NBA season — which would force Rose to miss games.

The judge said he would make the same considerations in a new trial if the accuser was a student and it would interfere with exams.”

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