Michael & Martellus Bennett Rip Roger Goodell, Jay Cutler, NCAA, & Jason Witten In ESPN Interview (Video)


By now, you should know that New England Patriots TE Martellus Bennett & Seattle Seahawks DE Michael Bennett speak their mind about any and every topic, and they don’t discriminate on who they will throw punches at.

During a new E:60 feature where the two brothers speak openly on various topics, they both gave their opinions on various players around the league, the NCAA, and of course, Roger Goodell.

On Jason Witten

Martellus: “Witten didn’t talk to me when I was in Dallas, He didn’t help me. Very rarely did we talk. I hate him, I hated Witten”

On Roger Goodell

 “I don’t think Roger Goodell is doing a good job. He can fine me but he doesn’t put his body in any harm and gets to make every decision. Congratulations NFLPA.”

On Jay Cutler

Martellus: “Some people that you want to be a leader are not the guy that’s the leader…And everyone in the locker room knows that this is not the leader, but this is what you want the face of the team to look like.”

On The Chicago Bears

Martellus: “We just had a bunch of bitches on the roster — that’s why we didn’t win games — and coaches liked the bitches,”

On the NCAA

Michael: “Hell yeah college players should get paid. NCAA gets paid. Rose Bowl gets paid. Everybody gets paid except the people making the product. In some coutries they call that slavery”


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