First Overall Pick Auston Matthews Scores 4 Goals in NHL Debut, Leafs Still Lose (Videos)


Talk about a debut for the ages.

Auston Matthews, the 2016 first-overall draft pick, played in his first NHL game tonight when his Toronto Maple Leafs kicked off the new season by visiting the Ottawa Senators.  And while the 19-year-old entered his debut with high expectations, no one could have expected this.

Not one, not two, not three, but four goals.  FOUR!!!

In case you were wondering, yeah, Auston Matthews became the first player ever to score 4 goals in his NHL debut.  And if that stat wasn’t already ridiculous enough, consider this: Sidney Crosby, the consensus number one hockey player in the world right now, has never scored four goals in a game during his entire 11-year career.

Simply amazing.  What’s even more amazing is that the Leafs somehow found a way to lose, despite their franchise phenom’s heroic performance.

But no one cares about that.  Win or lose, everyone at the moment is talking about super-rookie, Auston Matthews.

Here’s a look at all four of his goals:

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