Browns Rookie Corey Coleman Makes Good on His Promise, Buys His Mom a New House (Video)


In a refreshing change from the usual NFL stories we get, this one will make you feel a little better for reading it. Browns rookie Corey Coleman, who was picked 15th in the NFL draft, made good on his draft day promise to buy his mom a new house.

He surprised her with the keys (and the house) in Texas yesterday, and her reaction is truly amazing.

Take a look:

His mom, Cassandra Jones, is absolutely floored by the gift, as you would expect.

He says about surprising his mom, “Growing up I always believed that there was more to life than the circumstances that surrounded me. I told my mom, one day she could stop working the 2-3 jobs she worked to support my sisters and I, and I would buy her a house and take care of her.”

And wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what happened. Great stuff, Corey.

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