Watch This HS Punter Kick the Ball the Entire Length of the Field (Video)


It’s hard to remember what exactly a “good” punt is, but a rule of thumb is that anything that squares the other team up about 55+ yards away from your line of scrimmage is a good kick.

This punter, Jack Rogers of Frankton, Indiana, managed to net 72 yards on a punt from his own 8-yard-line, and that was AFTER it bounced in the end zone for a touchback. So the ball traveled, yup, in excess of 92 yards.


Magic. I think. I don’t know how a high schooler sends a punt 70 yards in the air, then another 20+ on bounces, but this kid did it. Take a look:

That returner watched the ball sail right over his head as though he was helpless to do anything. Let’s get this punter a college offer.

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