Javier Baez Makes a Great Save on a Piece of Gum, then Points to Camera and Brags About It (Video)


Javier Baez was arguably the Cubs’ most valuable player in their four-game NLDS victory over the Giants. He made some brilliant defensive plays in the infield, he hit a clutch 8th inning home run to give the Cubs a 1-0 victory in Game 1, and he hit a clutch single to drive in the winning run in the top of the 9th on Tuesday. For a kid who started the season as a utility infielder, that’s pretty damn good.

But Baez isn’t just killing it on the field. He’s killing it in the dugout, too.

On Tuesday night the cameras happened to be on Baez in the dugout when he dropped a piece of gum while trying to pop it in his mouth. However, thanks to his cat-like reflexes, he saved it before it fell on the dugout floor, where the five-second rule most definitely does not apply. Then, somehow knowing the camera was on him, he looked up, pointed, and mouthed something like “gotcha.”

Take a look:

Whoever wins Game 5 between the Dodgers and Nationals on Thursday better look out for Javier Baez. This kid is in the zone.

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