Jay Glazer on Greg Hardy: ‘MMA is Not For People Who Beat Up Women’ (Video)

Greg Hardy Cowboys

Former Dallas Cowboys DE Greg Hardy is not receiving any interest from any NFL teams after being released by the Cowboy.  So while his NFL career is on hold (or completely over), he has been training hard to start another career in MMA.

Fox Sports analyst Jay Glazer is a huge fan of MMA and doesn’t want Greg Hardy anywhere near the sport as he took to Twitter on Tuesday to inform any coaches to not teach him anything about the sport.

“I would be incredibly disappointed in any of my fellow MMA coaches and any promoters if they took Greg Hardy in and taught him a shred of our incredible sport. Many of us train women in self defense specifically to help protect vs domestic violence. Me and all my coaches at (Glazer’s gym) Unbreakable do and take great pride in that. Competing in any sport is a privilege, Greg Hardy should not be granted the privilege. There are many beautiful arts taught in our sport, none of which should be afforded to him.”

He wasn’t done trashing Hardy, as he hopes he gets blackballed from MMA:

“If you play a sport it’s a privilege and he shouldn’t have that privilege. He’s shown no remorse. This guy just doesn’t get it. [MMA] is not for people who beat up women and show no remorse… So I’m asking every other MMA coach and promotion to not allow this guy to have the privilege. He doesn’t deserve it. All he’s done is beat the hell out of a woman and show no remorse for it so screw him. He shouldn’t be allowed to be around the other great people in this sport.”

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