Milk Aficionado Jim Harbaugh Enjoys a Giant Glass of Moo Juice with His Ruth’s Chris Steak (Pic)

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This week, as promised, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh went to Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Ann Arbor to take advantage of their disastrous “Score Big” promotion following the Wolverines’ 78-0 win over Rutgers.

Of course, Harbaugh did what any man would do when given a 50% discount at a steak house—he ordered the biggest, most expensive steak on the menu. However, his choice of beverage was a little, shall we say, unusual.

You see, Harbaugh didn’t pair his steak with a Napa merlot or Chilean cabernet. He paired it with a giant glass of milk.

Seriously. Take a look:

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love milk as much as the next guy. It goes great with a peanut butter sandwich, or mom’s meatloaf. But if I’m eating a $70 porterhouse I’m going with wine.

In retrospect, though, we shouldn’t be that surprised that Harbaugh went with a tall glass of moo juice. The guy is a real milk aficionado.

In a April 2015 interview for HBO’s Read Sports, Harbaugh went on and on about how much milk he drank as a kid, and “not the candy ass two-percent or skim milk” but whole milk. Harbaugh then reaffirmed his strong pro-milk stance this past September on the Dan Patrick show:

Now regular every day people go to Harbaugh with all their milk-related questions and concerns:

And Harbaugh even has his own milk endorsement deal:

Hopefully the milk at Ruth’s Chris Steak House wasn’t of the candy-ass variety, or they’re going to get a very nasty Yelp review from somebody with the username MUcoach63.

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