LeBron James Scolds Teammates for Leaving Dirty Laundry in Cavs Locker Room, Is Officially Your Mom


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LeBron James‘s oldest child, LeBron Jr., just turned 12 years old. However, dad is clearly prepared for the teenage years.

After the Cavaliers’ preseason game against the Sixers in Cleveland on Saturday, LeBron noticed that most of his teammates had gone home without picking up their dirty laundry off the locker room floor. So LeBron made it a point to pick up the dirty laundry himself, right there in front of all the reporters.

Here’s the account of what happened from Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com:

Irving wound up talking to the media before James. While Irving was talking, James was picking up laundry. Seriously.

The three-time champion, four-time MVP took not just his own laundry bag to the locker room attendants, but picked up off the floor an additional five or six laundry sacks that were strewn about The Q locker room by teammates who had left.

“Hopefully I only have to say something once,” James said, promising to address the laundry littering with the Cavs. “Can’t leave the locker room like that.”

Vardon goes on to explain that LeBron has always been a stickler for being courteous and respectful to locker room attendants, which I did not know and is actually pretty cool. But this clearly was not just about respecting locker room attendants. This was LeBron sending a message to his teammates about pulling their weight and not cutting corners.

Presumably the message was received loud and clear.

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