Miami Heat Refuse to Waive Chris Bosh Until He’s Ineligible For Postseason

2. Chris Bosh

The relationship between Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat is over as Bosh will never be in uniform for the team again because of his health. For months, Bosh hasn’t wanted to speak with Pat Riley and according to recent reports, the relationship between the two is going to get that much worse.

Bosh wants the chance to play for another team, but Pat Riley and the Heat will make that so much harder as they don’t plan on waiving him until after he’s ineligible for the postseason in 2017, which would be March 1st.

“The most likely course of action as of now in this murky, sad situation, per sources all around it: The Heat wait until after March 1 to waive Bosh, so that he is not eligible to appear in the postseason for any team that signs him. At that point, Bosh’s mammoth salary would vanish from Miami’s cap sheet, freeing Riles to plop his rings in front of one or two stars this summer.

Bosh wants to play, and some team will absolutely sign him for the minimum — even if it’s just for this season. Bosh is still going to get all his money from Miami, and suitors will try to coax him into signing through 2017-18.

At this point, the Miami Heat are looking out for themselves, and Bosh has no choice but to wait it out until further notice.

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