Diego Maradona Starts Fight During Pope Francis’ “Match of Peace” Charity Soccer Game (Video)


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On Wednesday night a bunch of famous former soccer superstars gathered in Rome to play in the “Match of Peace,” a charity game organized by none other than Pope Francis. Unfortunately, Argentine legend Diego Maradona wasn’t really down with the Pope’s message of peace, as he got into a heated argument with countryman Juan Sebastian Veron and had to be separated and escorted off the filed by handlers.

Seriously. You cannot make this sh*t up.

The cause of the squabble was an apparent tackle by Veron, a midfielder who spent the prime of his career playing for Lazio and Manchester United. Replays show that the guy barely makes contact with Maradona, so his “tackle” was definitely not vicious. Nevertheless, Maradona, who seems barely able to jog let alone dribble, felt Veron was playing too aggressively. So after he gets back up—apparently not an easy feat—he has words with Veron.

Take a look:

Once on the sidelines, the mics picked up Maradona saying (en Espanol, por supuesto) how he’s a “big man” and that he’s “not messing” with Veron.

To be honest, he seems a little drunk:

Veron and Maradona have a history, in case you couldn’t guess. Veron played under Maradona’s Argentine squad at the 2010 FIFA World Cup and was highly critical of the diminutive legend’s managerial skills.

Fortunately, the other soccer celebs at the game—including Ronaldinho, Francesco Totti, Edgar Davids, Hernan Crespo, Bojan Krkic—were all better behaved.

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